Lead Data Scientist at Phylagen, San Francisco, CA

  • 2012-2015 a postdoctoral research associate for the Biology and the Built Environment (BioBE) Center at the University of Oregon in Eugene.
  • PhD from Montana State University in Ecology and Environmental Sciences.
  • Interested in microbial ecology, multivariate analysis, and data visualization.


jfmeadow at gmail dot com
james at phylagen dot com
Biology and the Built Environment (BioBE) Center


  • Two recent publications (Meadow et al. 2015 & Franzosa et al. 2015) focused on the personal and identifiable nature of our microbial clouds and our human microbiomes. Both papers were covered widely in popular and scientific press: NPR, Wired, Atlantic, etc.
  • An exciting review of indoor evolution was recently published in Trends in Ecology and Evolution:
  • Our paper is out in PeerJ, about the microbial communities we share with our cell phones. Here are a few news stories about it: Scientific American, BBC, Discovery News, Naked Scientists.
  • We published 3 different papers exploring microbial communities in air, dust, and on surfaces in a large University of Oregon Building. You can find them here: Dust, Air, Surfaces. The studies were covered in Fast Company, Gizmodo, and Quartz. And here is a short movie we made to accompany the dust paper.
  • Our latest study, an investigation into the dispersal dynamics of the skin microbiome using roller derby as a model system, was published in PeerJ, and was quite well received in popular and scientific press. It was highlighted at NPR, CNN, NBC, LA TimesScience, Scientific American, Genome Web, and WebMD, to name a few. The paper is open access and is available here.

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